We believe in and promote Ethical Fashion with an emphasis on diversity as well as social responsibility. We are interested in all Southwest and American West fashion design, to include the beautiful rainbow of other cultural fashions from all over the world. We work with those who have a real passion for our beautiful New Mexico Culture and the limitless possibility a REAL. AND TRUE person with “…beauty from the inside out” can bring.

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Aaron Fust of Syrup Swimwear is on the Cover of Sports Illustrated!

The perfect swimwear for Southwest Scene-Stealers!

The perfect swimwear for Southwest Scene-Stealers!



With New Mexico being home to World-Class resorts, and destination places, SFFW is pleased to feature Aaron Fust of Syrup Swimwear as our premiere upscale swimwear designer. His travels to exotic destination spots along the Mediterranean and South America have inspired the culture he’s helped to create here in the US – creating lifestyle-wear for poolside fashion where the the suit must be suitable and versatile enough to translate from daytime lounging to night-time scene stealing.

Once only found within a closed group of competition enthusiasts, upscale boutiques, and amongst stars-in-the-know, the secret that has been Syrup Swimwear is now officially OUT! – now gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated!

Congratulations Aaron Fust! Thank you for your many contributions to the fashion world! We are so pleased and proud to have you on our team!


We here at SFFW are so proud!

We here at SFFW are so proud!

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More on Aaron Fust

His designer page here at Santa Fe Fashion Week

Photo Credits: Ojos Caliente: A place for rest, relaxation, and top-notch dining. The country’s oldest, and most exclusive hotsprings.

Syrup Swimwear/Sports Illustrated photos Courtesy Aaron Fust


Allie Olson Will Host SFFW 2014!

Allie OlsonGet ready to rock this year’s Santa Fe Fashion Week with Allie Olson, super popular and successful Phoenix designer and boutique owner on the rise who is going to host BOTH runway shows. We are talking celebrities, parties and fun, fun, fun! You want to be hanging with Allie Ollie this year!

For our fans from the past, you definitely will remember Allie Ollie as one of our premiere designers from 2013. She brought an awesome and compelling line of creations that blew everyone away. And now we have this emerging diva of design bringing it all on stage with an entire new line of genius designers.

So the burning question remains: will this year produce another design diva of the quality and creativity of our 2014 hostess, Allie Olson? There is only one way to find out: be there and see for yourself!

For more information and to keep up to date on all the SFFW news, check out our announcement in our news section/blog.

Santa Fe Fashion Week will be held September 17th-20th at the Santa Fe Convention Center this year.

Santa Fe Fashion Week TV is Hosted By Bobbi Jeen Olson, Who is Also the Featured Model for Santa Fe Fashion Week This Year!


Celebrity Designer Meredith Lockhart

Nutmeg w background_rs

Meredith’s fashions have been on the runway from New York to Wyoming to Dallas. She was awarded with the Best Collection at the 2009 Cody High Style Fashion Show in Cody, Wyoming. In 2010 she was inducted into the Stetson Craftsman’s Alliance and Best Artist, Art to Wear at the Western Design Conference at Jackson Hole, Wyoming in September 2012. This spring in April, 2013, her designs walked in the coveted, invitation only, From Scotland With Love, runway show in New York City. Read more about her on our Designers page.


From 2013… this is where we do our trunk show – partnering with local artists and galleries, showcasing our talented designers and their wares


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